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Just in case

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Happy Sunday ❤️

Blessed, humble, thankful and letting God use me.


Thank You Lord Jesus!!!


Thank You Lord Jesus!!!


I know there are some circumstances around you that you feel don’t make sense, but don’t worry; restoration is coming. What has been unclear and obscure shall now make sense, because for many of you, it has been a test of faith. You have not been able to see past the next step; yet you have been faithful to believe that I would guide you, and you took the next step. Now, I will bring restoration, and you will learn how to rejoice and leap for joy even in the midst of hard times.

I have come to you in this season to bring those things that were scattered together again. There are so many of My people whom I have allowed to be broken; however, now I am bringing those pieces back together; for this is a time when situations and circumstances are put in order. I have come to gather those broken pieces to rebuild and restore you according to My fashion.

First bantu knot out ❤️ jan 31

First bantu knot out ❤️ jan 31

i’m all about the natural hair, natural nails, natural everything. i was meant to look this way,i’m not about to try & change what was meant

—by Stella Blu (via curly-essence)


After being inspired by The Militant Baker’s article, THINGS NO ONE WILL TELL FAT GIRLS…SO I WILL I’ve decided to create my own truth for us 4C girls. Whether you’re transitioning, have been natural your entire life, or are fresh off the big chop, get ready. It’s about to get real. Maybe. Kind…


Sorry about all the natural hair spam lol

I’m just really excited about my transitioning!


*starts crying* i just really like mashed potatoes